So much good has been said about Samya Ayurveda since its beginnings in 2003, the official product launch in 2006, the Clinic & Spa concept in 2014 and finally our independent location in Sept 2015!

On this page you will find some of the many client reviews collected over the years as well as links to various press and articles.   

"It was a profound experience in many ways. I felt welcomed, entering into a comfortable consultation with Shaughn who gave me information I had never considered before. The therapies were like nothing I have engaged in ever. I have spent a lot of years working on myself and this was pure connection to spirit I think. The chakra/tummy oil therapy was like a gift that acknowledged that whole part of myself which I deny and act as if it is not there while at the same time I am so profoundly affected by it. Having hands on massage and movement allowed me to bring more honour to myself. In these therapies part of what stands out is the delightful time Radhika and I had laughing and respecting one another, me for her tremendous gift that is the heart she brings to her practice. I felt well held in all ways. The warm oil Shirodhara therapy opened up something in me, I believe. The first day my third eye was opened and I received messages to follow up with people. Day number two I was given clear visuals which became the art pieces I did before leaving the Island. During another session, as I began to breathe more I seemed to fill up with emotion and was struck by the gentle way Radhika simply wiped my tears with the towel. I felt well taken care of in that moment, filling my heart up and I think acknowledging I need more of that in my life. I notice that after being there I was more focused, more able to be clear about doing necessary tasks before distracting myself with something else. I was struck by the visuals that came to me through my third eye. Before the first day’s treatments I was in agony due to my hip being out of alignment, so sleeping was difficult. This changed the second night and I slept well without pain, mostly because I used the (Samya) Pain Oil the whole time I was there. I continue to use it daily at home. The herbal body wrap was like a little bit of luxury wrapped in a delightful package that just felt gorgeous. It was an opportunity to relax and take in all that had taken place over the time I was there. Wrapped in glory really!!! Thank you both for your work. It is important work you are doing and I have and will certainly recommend folks to come to delight in your spa and the work you are engaged in. Thank you for holding space for all of us who show up there. Kind regards."

-Marjorie M. Prince George, BC


“I am so grateful and thankful for my time with you. I will be taking my beautiful memories of the healing wonders of Radhika’s hands. I cannot say enough about this amazing woman. She is a master healer! As someone who has spent 12 years in the health/beauty industry – the term “master” isn’t something I take lightly nor would I label someone a “master” without just cause.  I came here feeling broken, my spirit sore and swollen. After spending time with Radhika and receiving her magical healing powers, I am renewed and ready to take on the world again! She has a rare gift and I cannot express in simple words how lucky I feel that our paths crossed.”

-Kirsten G. Vancouver, BC


“I’ve been searching for a way to heal my soul – to calm the turmoil, to shut everyone else’s opinions out and to be just be okay with me. When I received the blessing from Shaughn on my first day – I saw a bright glittering, white light and I was filled with the feeling of love and acceptance and I could hear a voice saying I am loved as I am and that I am enough.  That will forever stay in the front of my thoughts and prayers. I am that, I am perfect from God and I need to stop searching for it because I already am. I am going home a better person in all my relationships because I am enough just as I am. I feel a direct connection to the divine – no longer questioning it. I feel at peace and more aware of myself and my surroundings. All my relationships are now going to be far better. I couldn’t ask for anything more! Shaughn did a wonderful job instructing and helping to guide your soul. I could sit and listen to Shaughn for days on end. I can’t explain enough how you have awakened my soul. I was called here and I’m so glad I answered. Absolutely perfect!. Thank you Shaughn! You have forever changed my life and my family! God bless!”

-Cindy C. Victoria, BC


“This is my long awaited 2nd visit. I opted for the ayurvedic treatments. Radhika has an amazing wealth of knowledge and skill, which she is willing – with enthusiasm – to impart. She truly ‘sees’ you and from there provides treatments in the way it will benefit you at its optimum. The private yoga sessions have brought a whole new level of awareness to my practice. I came away with knowledge & resources to help in my journey towards betters health in mind, body  & soul. Thank you so much.”

-Georgina S. Victoria, BC


“I came here wanting to learn how to meditate and how to become one with myself. I was able to accomplish both and more. I experienced a connection to the divine, heart opening, the feeling of Oneness.  To experience my Divine spirit in my body and to heal and forgive my parents, plus send love their way was wonderful. I can now be my authentic self and heal the important relationships in my life. I plan to share and help my children and grandchildren become wholesome spiritual beings. It was an awesome experience and Shaughn is wonderful. You have helped heal my soul and make me whole. You have given me the tools I need to continue my journey. Thank you!”

-Helen W. Victoria, BC


“To Shaughn & Radhika – Thanks for the warm Salt Spring hospitality!”

-Ron James (comedian) Toronto, ON

“I have been using the pain oil for 2 months every night before bed to help with digestion and some cramping.  Since using the oil I have not had problems with either. During the day, if I feel some discomfort, I use it again and the pain disappears. Thank you.”

-Vivian M. Victoria, BC

“This was the most complete feeling of relaxation I have ever experienced – the closest I will probably ever come to heaven!”

-Mary S. Salt Spring Island


“The massage was just fabulous. I am very picky & have had many massages & this was the best. Perfect pressure & perfect relaxation.”

-Lisa F. Vancouver, BC


“I feel like I could fly home”

-Jonathan G. Salt Spring Island, BC


“Radhika, what an incredible gift you are! Thank you for your incredible massage, gentle yet purposeful touch & your healing intention! I appreciate every moment. I wish I were closer – I would come more often! I will tell my family to have one definitely. Love & Namaste”

-Darlene F. Lethbridge, AB


“OMG! Thank you Radhika & Shaughn! Much love to you both.”

Martha B. Victoria, BC


“A “wow” experience. I was very relaxed and Radhika’s hands had the perfect touch. She makes you feel well and at ease. I can hardly wait for my next visit. Just great.”

-Louis P. Salt Spring Island


“It was an amazing meditative & very relaxing experience. I felt wonderful after abhyanga massage. I will recommend Radhika to all.”

-Captain Brij Paul S. Vancouver, BC


“Radhika is a wonderful healer. Looking forward to another massage with her! Perfect way to start the day.”

-Patty J. Denver, CO


“Thank you for sharing your powerful hands, energy and knowledge with us. You have great skill. The massage was wonderful!”

-Marikay T. Denver, CO


“My reiki  sessions were nothing short of powerful and amazing. I have come away feeling so calm & centered – much better equipped to deal with these stressful times. Thank you, thank you!”

-Jackie S. Salt Spring Island


“What a wonderful way to end my week and begin my weekend! Gentle spirit & powerful hands – a great combination! A warm space & energy to visit with and enjoy. I look forward to more massage & more relaxation.”

-Emma-Louise J. Salt Spring Island, BC


“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful healing essence with me. Your treatment reaches beneath the surface and down to the tiniest forgotten threads of my body & soul. Namaste!”

-Jossilyn F. Mississauga, ON


“You are blessed with a special gift, the gift of healing and touch. Thank you very much!”

-Emily A. Denver, CO


“Radhika, your beauty flows from the inside out. The love & compassion in your hands is amazing. It is my pleasure to know you.”

-Cheryl W. High River, AB


“My body feels so alive & the energy is now flowing. Your intuition with your bodywork knowledge is so amazing! Thank you!”

-Marline S. Salt Spring Island, BC


“Many thanks, it was and unexpected & delightful surprise. Both in meeting you and experiencing ayurveda. I am refreshed!”

-Sarah R. Victoria, BC


“Thank you Radhika for your care & love!”

-LeeAnn N. Vancouver BC


“Thank you for your time and insight. You are a very calm and beautiful person. I hope to see you again.”

-Shauna F. Nanaimo, BC


“Radhika is gifted! What a treat! The perfect retreat.”

-Laureen C. Victoria, BC


“You have wonderful healing hands. I will be back.”

-Jackie S. Salt Spring Island


“Thank you for creating a peaceful & healing space for us. Your hands are strong and your spirit light. Thank you!”

-Deborah & Dan H. Talent, OR


“You have wonderful hands & heart. Thanks very much!”

Daniel L. Victoria, BC


“Excellent spa services – highly recommend Ayurvedic treatments. So nice. Very quiet & private, very clean.”

M & H Simpson, Seattle, WA


“Best treatments I’ve had! Thank you!”

-Arlene H. Seattle W.


“This was my first experience having any type of ayurvedic treatment. It was wonderful! Both deeply relaxing yet invigorating as well. It also felt like just a tease – I want more! I look forward to our next treatment. Thank You!”

-Reayane G. Salt Spring Island, BC


“Walked in stressed, tired & achy – 5 days later after an Ayurvedic spa package – I walked out feeling relaxed, revitalized & great! Great staff & services!”

-Laurel & Allan T. Portland, OR


“Thank you for the shirodhara! It was transporting and ever so soothing.”

-Sarah H. Vancouver BC


“Thank you for the abhyanga and shirodhara. The treatments certainly relieved a lot stress in my mind and body. Wish you all the best.”

-Vijay K. Surrey, BC


“This was a fantastic experience! I’m looking forward to a “four hand” massage next year.”

-Marikay F. Saskatoon SK

“A wonderfully opening, relaxing massage! I feel so much more connected to & present in my body! Thank you!”

-Wendy J. White Rock, BC


“Had an awesome time. Thank you! The couples massage was fantastic!”

Juliette H. Vancouver, BC


“Absolute bliss! Will be back asap!”

-Selena F. Duncan, BC


“A great experience! This was my first massage, and now I know what I was missing. Next time we are on the island, we will be sure to give you a call.”

-Chris & Lisa K. Victoria, BC


“You have given a true taste of peace today. With rainbow visions and a healed back, I won’t soon forget it. Namaste!”

Aaron A. Salt Spring Island, BC


“Thank you for such healing and relaxing experience! Looking forward to coming again.”

-Jenny I. Victoria, BC


“Thank you for a great & relaxing time! I’ll be looking forward to coming back & visiting again.”

-Bryan H. Victoria, BC


“I was able to fully relax and start to really attend to my body. It was wonderful. Thank you.”

-Leith M. Vancouver, BC


“Fantastic, relaxing transporting! Everything I wanted and more! Excellent!”

Bernard A. Seattle, WA


“Thank you for the peace, relaxation and healing touch – it was spectacular.”

-Chris N. Denver, CO


“Thanks for the great kickstart to clarity. We look forward to continuing the treatments! Cheers!”

-Kody F. Vancouver, BC


“Relaxing & healing. We will return!”

Suzanne & Jana H. Vancouver, BC


“Thank you for giving such a wonderful massage. It made such a difference as my back was so sore from the bad bed at the hotel.”

-Carolyn P. Vancouver, BC


“Beautifully relaxing & reinvigorating! Thank you.”

-Chris & Kelly L. Vancouver, BC


“We love it here and the treatments and place have worked their magic!”

-Miriam & Harry S. Vancouver BC


“Beautiful peace, solstice, deep healing massage.”

-Garry & Gail M. Lethbridge, AB


“Lovely facility, great location, wonderful therapies, very friendly service.”

-Suzie & Stephen O. Whistler, BC


“What a fantastic experience! Great attention to detail. Thanks a bunch!”

Randy & Debbie M. Calgary, AB


“Was great as it always is. I feel light. Thanks!”

-Munie M. Victoria, BC


“Very relaxing and welcoming. Thank you for a special morning. I’ll be back soon.”

Kate W. London, UK


“Very relaxing, so beautiful! Thank you and I will see you again soon!”

-Erin H. Victoria, BC


“This was an excellent way to start my relaxing holiday. A wonderful experience.”

-Catherine P. Saskatoon, SK


“That was great. Will do it again soon.”

-Jorry A. Salt Spring Island


“Good focus on healing values of life. Very blissful. Thanks”

-Charlie H. Victoria BC


“That was awesome! I hope I’ll be able to come to you again sometime. It felt great!”

-Emma S. White Rock, BC


“Great job! I thought it as very relaxing and I feel great. I hope I will also be able come back”

-Molli K. White Rock, BC


“I knew I was tense from non-stop stress but I didn’t realise how tense until the wonderful massage. Can’t wait til next time!”

-Duncan W. Victoria, BC


“Great relaxing and very good release of tensions.”

-Patrick B. Vancouver, BC




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