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Registered Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioners


Registered Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Pancha Karma Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Oneness Trainer, Director: Samya Ayurveda Inc.

Shaughn completed his Certificate of Yoga Education at the Gujarat Ayurved University in Jamnagar, India in 2001 & was Certified as an Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Practitioner at the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga & Ayurveda in Boulder, Colorado in 2003. He continued his studies at the Ayurvedic Academy in Seattle from 2003-2006 & was certified as an Ayurvedic & then an Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner including extended internships in Bangalore & Chennai, India.

From 2006-2009 he completed a residential internship with Ayurvedic doctor (India), Dharmesh Kubendiran, BAMS, Msc. which included certification in Advanced Ayurvedic Marma Therapy.

Shaughn practices various forms of meditation along with a variety of other forms of spiritual techniques & methods. He was initiated in Transcendental Meditation at the age of 5. He was initiated as a Oneness Blessing Giver during a 21 day course in silence at the Oneness University, India in 2005 & as a certified Oneness Trainer in 2011. He has since conducted many courses & spiritual processes, offering initiations to others.

Shaughn has also undergone various certifications in Reiki, Thai Massage, Pranic Healing, Hot Stone Massage & others.

In 2006 Shaughn established Samya Ayurveda Inc. and began offering internationally accredited Ayurvedic Certification courses. He did & continues to develop & formulate (with the help of Dr. Dharmesh Kubendiran & Radhika Jenson) an entire range of organic Ayurvedic & Spa massage, wellness and beauty products, services & workshops.

Shaughn was a pioneer in introducing Ayurvedic medicine to Canada. Applying traditional ayurvedic therapies to western and European spa standards, Shaughn designed the sequences and training manuals for all of the Ayurvedic & spa therapies offered at the Samya Ayurveda Clinic & Spa at the Salt Springs Spa Resort from 2002-2014, beginning when the spa was one of the first in Canada offering these.

At our location in Ganges on Salt Spring Island, Shaughn offers Ayurvedic consultations, Ayurvedic herbal supplements, herbal oil & herbal paste massages, a variety of traditional Ayurvedic & Spa therapies, private yoga, pranayama and meditation classes, spiritual counseling and the traditional yogic and herbal detoxification methods of the five cleansings of Ayurveda (pancha karma) and six cleansings of yoga (shat karma).


Registered Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner, Diploma in Pancha Karma, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator, Director: Samya Ayurveda Inc.

Radhika originates from the South Indian settlements of the Fiji Islands. Raised within the lifestyle & traditions of Ayurvedic medicine, she had a keen interest in herbal medicine from an early age.

Radhika continued her passion for learning through to Kathmandu, Nepal in in 2003 when she received a certificate in Thai Massage from Rahul Bharti, a teacher for the Foundation of Shivago Karmapaj of Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was also initiated into First & Second Degrees of Reiki training in 2003 over 3 months by Reiki Master Urvashi Puri in New Delhi, India.

Radhika completed her Certificate of Ayurvedic Yoga training & received a Diploma as an Ayurvedic Pancha Karma Practitioner at the Ayur Academy of Natural Beauty in New Delhi, India in 2004.

She furthered her studies with Dr. David Frawley of The American Institute of Vedic Studies & was certified as an Ayurvedic Health Educator in 2006.

She has completed Ayurvedic internships at the Art of Living Ashram Pancha Karma Centre in Bangalore, India in 2005 as well as at the Samya Ayurveda Clinic & Spa at the Salt Springs Spa Resort with Ayurvedic doctor (India), Dharmesh Kubendiran, BAMS, MSc. from 2006-2009.

From 2006-2014, at Samya Ayurveda Clinic & Spa at the Salt Springs Spa Resort, Radhika helped to teach, develop & formulate (with the help of Dr. Dharmesh Kubendiran & Shaughn Jenson) an entire range of organic Ayurvedic & Spa massage, wellness & beauty products, services, workshops & certification courses.

At our location in Ganges on Salt Spring Island, Radhika offers Ayurvedic consultations, beauty therapies, Ayurvedic herbal supplements, herbal oil &
herbal paste massages, a variety of traditional Ayurvedic & Spa therapies, private yoga, pranayama & meditation classes & the traditional yogic & herbal detoxification methods of the five cleansings of Ayurveda (pancha karma) & six cleansings of yoga (shat karma).


Spa Therapist

Hamsa has lived on Salt Spring Island for thirty-two years, raising her two children while cultivating a spiritual, yogic life.

As a young woman while in Japan she studied and practiced the Tea Ceremony.  This became a guiding principle in the body/mind connection she has integrated into her massage practice.

Hamsa originally trained as a spa therapist with Samya Spa & Ayurveda College in 2006. She became certified in various spa therapies and received an introduction to Ayurveda and Ayurvedic therapies. Hamsa furthered her Ayurvedic Massage education during an internship with Dr. Dharmesh Kubendiran in India. She has become known for her effectiveness in assisting in pain relief and offering deep relaxation which has gained her many appreciative clients over the years. 

Here at Samya Spa, Hamsa offers Aromatherapy Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

She looks forward to assisting you on your healing journey.
Heather Reynolds

Spa Therapist

As a fourth generation SaltSpring islander, Heather feels a strong connection to this island and the community.

She has pursued the path of wellness for the past 5 years through a variety of training and immersive experiences. During this time Heather became a certified spa therapist through the Vancouver School of Healing Arts' Professional Bodywork program where she learned several modalities of massage.

Heather has also completed advanced breath work training through Robin Clements Breath Wave Organization. This training has deepened her understanding of the mind-body connection and has taught her how to recognize postural holding patterns. She works with the breath and body for a complete sense of relaxation. 

Her passion for Ayurveda began in high school with an interest in yoga, since then she has studied Indian head massage and basic Ayurvedic practices, she is happy for the opportunity to study further. 

At Samya Spa Heather offers Aromatherapy Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

She looks forward to assisting you on your journey of Wellness!


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Coming from a large family with a lineage of Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners, Dr. Dharmesh’s inclination towards health has been with him from a young age. His curiosity about the disease process and natural therapeutic approaches especially towards toxicology and nervous system disorders was inherited from generations of family traditions. This combined with the satisfaction or learning from observing relatives with a variety of patient cases in his youth led him to choose a higher education which combined both the ancient traditions of Ayurveda and the modern advances of allopathic medicine: a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.). In India this is the most common degree for a primary health care physician practicing Ayurvedic Medicine.

Excelling in studies despite much competition in the Indian education system, Dr. Dharmesh was accepted for the multidisciplinary course at the renowned Dr. M.G.R Medical University, Gundy, Chennai. The course led Dr. Dharmesh into many fields involved in the Medical and Pharmaceutical sciences such as Human Anatomy and Physiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, ENT, Surgery, Geriatrics, Sexology, Pathology, Gynecology, Marma Chikitsa (Ayurvedic vital point & massage therapy) and more.

Learning techniques of modern medicine in the fields of technology, surgery and pharmaceuticals in combination with traditional Ayurvedic medicines and practices gave a great opportunity to approach and understand the health of the individual from a holistic point of view while making use of new advances in allopathic medicine.

After completing his B.A.M.S. along with a Diploma in Herbal Manufacturing and Management. Dr. Dharmesh began work as a Manufacturing Chemist for Retort Pharmaceuticals in Chennai. He completed years of preparing traditional and new propriety Ayurvedic herbal medicines and performed clinical trials and testing.

Many of Dr. Dharmesh’s products are available in Ayurvedic Pharmacies throughout India. Some examples include: Retosor (oil for skin aliments, psoriasis, itches, rashes and for general skin toning); Arlin Pain Oil (for topical pain relief); Bonneset (supplement which provides natural calcium and helps in natural ossification of fractured bones).

At the Institute of Reproductive Medicine and Women's Health for Infertility, Chennai Dr. Dharmesh associated with scientific director Dr. Jeyant Mehta to conduct research on infertility and sub-fertility while developing and testing Ayurvedic preparations on a variety of patients.

Years later Dr. Dharmesh founded Dhanwanthari Maruthuvam, a multispecialty Ayurvedic and Sports Medicine Clinic near T.Nagar, Chennai.

Always in search of incorporating new, effective and safe treatment methodologies for patients, Dr. Dharmesh’s diagnoses combine the use of Ayurvedic methodologies while taking into account blood and organ tests, X-rays, USG, CT Scans, MRIs and an understanding of herb and drug interactions and side effects. While his general practice addresses all types of patients and disorders, Dr. Dharmesh specializes mainly in Ayurvedic vital point therapy (using kinesiology & biomechanics), Pancha Karma massage therapy & detoxification and herbal medicines. Clinical success and patient recovery has been observed in many cases including spinal disorders, joint injuries, arthritis, eye, ear and respiratory diseases, hormonal imbalances, skin diseases, metabolic syndromes, weight disorders as well as addressing general rejuvenation, beauty care, infertility and virility. Unlike in many Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals which make use of under-qualified therapists for hands on treatments, all patients of Dr. Dharmesh are treated directly by himself.

In 2006, Dr. Dharmesh was sought out by one of Canada’s first Ayurvedic Spa Resorts, the Samya Ayurveda Clinic & Spa at the Salt Springs Spa Resort in Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. Shaughn Jenson, a Registered Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioner and director of Samya Ayurveda Inc., completed internship with Dr. Dharmesh before sponsoring him to work in Canada for 3 years.

Dr. Dharmesh worked with over 2,000 Canadian clients while learning how to address North American health issues and modifying Ayurvedic techniques to suit Western standards. He helped to develop Clinical and Spa therapy protocols used at the Samya Ayurveda Clinic & Spa and in their Certification Courses. He also taught many Samya Ayurveda courses, workshops and conducted internships with Canadian students.

Dr. Dharmesh assisted in the formulation and preparation of the Samya Ayurveda line of Ayurvedic health, body and beauty products including the original versions of Samya Pain Oil, blending western herbs and essential oils with traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations.

After returning to India, Dr. Dharmesh completed his Masters and MPhil in Sports Biomechanics and Kinesiology at the Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University. This has expanded his Ayurvedic practice into the well-respected field of Sports Medicine. He has since contributed greatly in boosting the performance, injury prevention, fitness assessments and recovery periods for sports patients using Ayurvedic methodology combined with the sciences of Biomechanics and Kinesiology.

In addition to the above mentioned, Dr. Dharmesh’s credentials and experience include:

-Visiting Faculty at National College in Department of Physical education Research and Sports Science. (Teaching classes on rehabilitation of  Sports injury and biomechanics)

-Level one Anthropometrist from ISAK (International society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry)

-Nuero orthopaedic Institute, Australia (Course in Mobilization of the Nervous system)

-President /Sports injury consultant for CPWD FOOTBALL Club, Chennai.

-Certified Kinesiology Tape Therapist (from IKT Kinesiology Taping India).

Dr. Dharmesh Kubendiran is currently residing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India with his wife and young daughter. While Dr. Dharmesh plans to return to Canada in the future, he currently offers remote Ayurvedic consultancy services in collaboration with the Registered Advanced Ayurvedic Practitioners of Samya Ayurveda Inc. on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.

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