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Massage & Body Therapies

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ABHYANGA "abee-yun-ga" 

(ayurvedic oil massage)

allow 1hr ~ $119 (1½hrs ~ $169)

Abhyanga is a luxurious warm oil massage focused on calming the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. This comprehensive body massage enhances the ability for nutrients to reach starved cells and for the removal of stagnant waste. Organic oils are suited to nourish and revitalize the body tissues and to allow the toxins to be removed from the cells. Abhyanga, characterized by long strokes, flowing movements and Marma point therapy, heightens awareness to direct the internal healing system of the body. This therapy achieves deep healing effects by naturally harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It is one of the most rejuvenating therapies of Ayurveda. Your therapy is enhanced with customized organic herbal aroma-therapeutic Samya Dosha balancing oils. Abhyanga is usually followed by Ubtan, Swedhana and/or Shirodhara. Please do not eat for 1-2 hours prior to this therapy. A rest period of one hour prior to exercise is suggested after this therapy.

Benefits: Abhyanga has been traditionally used to help: promote the penetration of oils deep into the issues so that impurities are loosened and separated from the cell structure; increase tissue strength; reduce muscle and joint pain; improve blood circulation; rejuvenate the whole body; improve circulatory, lymphatic, nerve, muscle, bone, joint and organ disorders; reduce cellulite, beautify the skin; delay aging; induce sound sleep; promote; vitality; pacify Vata imbalance; reduce stress and remove toxins. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days.

Organic Aromatherapy Massage

allow 1 hr - $109 or 1 1/2 hrs – $159

Experience a soothing aromatherapeutic relaxation massage.

Includes our Samya Spa organic aromatherapy oil blend to enhance your therapeutic experience.

SAMVAHANA "sum-va-huh-na" 

(ayurvedic gentle massage)

allow 1hr ~ $119 (1½hrs ~ $169)

Samvahana is an Ayurvedic whole-body massage using light pressure to promote circulation and deep relaxation. The word Samvahana denotes the massage technique which predominantly involves long sweeping and soft stroking motions to activate the Nadis (energy channels) of the body. A dance of beauty, this passive, gentle massage uses warm organic herbal aroma-therapeutic Samya Dosha Oils and flowing movements. It has a soothing and balancing effect and is therefore mainly performed for indications which can be attributed to excess Pitta and Vata. Clients who are especially ticklish may prefer an Abhyanga. Samvahana is usually followed by Ubtan, Swedhana and/or Shirodhara.

Benefits: The amazing effects of Samvahana therapy help revive the whole body, improving circulation, stimulating and strengthening the nervous, lymphatic and immune systems, rejuvenating the tissues, improving the skin texture and complexion and bringing about marked improvement in body shape. This massage can help relieve pain and fatigue while the synchronized movements induce a meditative state. Samvahana helps stabilize body, mind and spirit, solving blockages on the energetic and emotional levels and promoting the detoxification and purification of the body. The nerves and Nadis (energy channels) are activated, stimulating blocked energy to flow. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days. 

MARDANA "mard-uh-na" 

(ayurvedic deep massage) 

allow 1hr ~ $129 (1½hrs ~ $179)

Mardana means pressing hard or rubbing and also includes other procedures like manipulation of muscles and joints. Also known as Vishesh, this is a deeper muscular massage that breaks up adhesions and compromised circulation deep within the muscles. A vigorous, rhythmic therapy using herbal Samya Ayurveda oils specific to your current imbalances, this massage is designed to press more thoroughly into the tissues and muscles the healing and rejuvenating potency contained in the Ayurvedic oils. During massage the movements are done with considerable force and reinforced friction. The pressure also helps to move out deeper seated impurities. Mostly pressure is applied to Marma points which affect various other systems of the body. It is great for those who like the feel of a firmer massage but also want the more holistic benefits of an Ayurvedic therapy. It is ideal for those who are more athletic, have an active lifestyle or ambitious nature. For certain body types and imbalances, this is an essential therapeutic approach. The effects of Mardana are amplified when followed by Swedhana, Sauna or any Hydrotherapy. Clients suffering from muscle pain due to inflammation should not choose this therapy. Please do not eat for 1-2 hours prior to this therapy. A rest period of one hour prior to exercise is suggested after this therapy.

Benefits: Mardana done regularly is believed to strengthen the immune system as well as help prevent Pitta based health problems from occurring in the future. It is balancing to all the doshas but works more specifically on Pitta. It helps release repressed anger, frustrations and emotions. This therapies breaks up adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow, and guides deep seated impurities out of the body. When certain channels are blocked then neither awareness nor blood can access deeply seated tissues. Mardana also shares all of the benefits of Abhyanga. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days. 

Deep Tissue Aromatherapy Massage

allow 1hr ~ $119 (1½hrs ~ $169)

This deeply penetrating massage helps to alleviate stresses caused by excessive muscle exertion while reducing lactic-acid build-up and realigning muscle fibres. Perfect for athletes, labourers and active bodies. Includes our Samya Spa organic aromatherapy oil blend to enhance your therapeutic experience.

Organic Couples Massage

allow 1 hr - $229 or 1 1/2 hrs – $329

Enjoy a side-by-side Organic Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue or Abhyanga massage with that special someone.

Perfect for any romantic getaway, honeymoon or just for a friendly spa day.

Express Massage *add-on only

allow 1/2 hr - $59

Enhance your spa experience by adding a customized aromatherapy massage to your therapy of choice.

MARMA CHIKITSA "mar-ma chik-it-sa" 

(ayurvedic vital point therapy)

allow 1hr ~ $129 (1½hrs ~ $179)


Marma Chikitsa involves massaging points and areas of the body while applying sufficient pressure and various techniques over the Marmani. Different organic herbal aroma-therapeutic Samya Ayurveda oils are used depending on individual needs. A very specific and skillful therapy, Marma Chikitsa is rarely offered in its authentic form. This therapy requires years of experience, training and initiation to be qualified to perform it effectively. If the correct methods are applied, results can be miraculous. Marma therapy promotes subtle energy cleansing and rebalancing which restores within the self a memory of wholeness. It is a combination of energy balancing, light and deep touch and circular movements over the Marma points which can be subtle or profound and deeply relaxing. By stimulating the Marmani, physical, energetic and mental blocks can be dissolved, making the mind-body connection even more intimate. Please do not eat for 1-2 hours prior to this therapy. A rest period of one hour prior to exercise is suggested after this therapy.

Benefits: Marma Chikitsa has been traditionally used to help in the following conditions: frozen shoulder, back pain, arthritis, migraine, neurological complaints, low-back pain, neck pain, muscular and joint pain, frozen joints, muscular strain, dislocation of bones, degeneration, malformations, injury related structural disorders, respiratory conditions, digestion and elimination problems, nervous system disorders, headaches and migraines, general aging problems, glandular issues, anxiety and depression, high stress response, fears and phobias, confusion, memory loss and lack of mental focus, low energy, fatigue and limited belief systems. Marma Chikitsa also enables a person to attain mental alertness, better composure and natural resistance to disease. It creates an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels by building a positive link with the unconscious mind. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days. 

SHIROABHYANGA "shee-row-abee-yun-ga" 

(Indian head massage) 

allow ¾hr ~ $89


Applying oil followed by massage with specific manoeuvres refers to Shiroabhyanga or Champi. This popular rejuvenative massage is received in a sitting position. The scalp, forehead, neck and shoulders are treated with circular, rhythmic strokes and other special techniques. Warm organic herbal aroma-therapeutic Samya Shiroil is massaged into the scalp paying specific attention to Marma points in the areas. Shiroabhyanga alternates between stimulating and calming massage techniques. Samya Shiroil, nourishes the scalp and gives rise to strong, beautiful hair, strengthening the musculature, nerves, glands and capillaries located beneath the scalp. This massage is considered essential to every person's daily routine. A daily head massage also strengthens the entire nervous system and promotes well being and vitality. The effects of Shiroabhyanga are amplified when followed by Shirodhara (flowing oil on the forehead) and/or Soundarya Vardhani (Ayurvedic Facial).

Benefits: Shiroabhyanga is a powerful therapy that promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It helps decrease stress, creating restful sleep, more energy and mental clarity, by improving blood circulation to the head. It has been traditionally used to help rejuvenate hair follicles addressing conditions like dryness, fungal infection, dandruff, hair loss, premature balding and greying and promoting thick and lustrous hair. Furthermore, the blood flow to the scalp increases, which in turn results in an improved supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. At the same time, the removal of toxins is increased. Shiroabhyanga helps to relax the nervous system and sore muscles, eliminating the fatigue and anxiety caused by mental stress and strain, improving the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, increasing the secretion of growth hormones and enzymes necessary for the growth and development of brain cells and increasing the level of Pranic energy inside the brain. This massage balances the pituitary and pineal glands. Eyes, lungs, heart, brain, colon and stomach also become toned as a result. Shiroabhyanga also helps to improve both experimental and cognitive memory, alertness and stability. This massage can also be helpful to combat headaches, neck problems, psychological illness and eye diseases. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days.

PADABHYANGA "pa-da-bee-yun-ga" 

(ayurvedic foot massage) 

allow 1hr ~ $109


“Diseases do not go near one who massages his feet before sleeping just as snakes do not approach eagles.” -Ancient Indian Saying.

Massage and application of oil to the feet is called Padabhyanga. As with the hands and ears, touching the feet stimulates, cleanses and balances all the organs of the body. This revitalizing and relaxing experience begins with Padavagaha (Ayurvedic herbal foot soak). Bathing the feet freshens and revives the whole system. Afterwards warm organic herbal aroma-therapeutic oil is massaged on the feet and lower legs. Mostly pressure is applied to Marma and reflexology points which affect various other systems and organs in the body. Foot Reflexology, a healing art originating in India that specifically focuses on the feet as being a reflection of all the organs and structures in the entire body, is wonderful for relieving acute pain, improving posture as well as the health of the organs. Thus by rubbing the feet, the person tones the whole body.

Benefits: Regular application is useful for keeping the feet smooth and removing cracks, dryness and fatigue. Padabhyanga has been traditionally used to help: the feet and legs become strong; improve vision, sprain and pain in the ankles and feet, numbness, roughness, insomnia, nervousness, sciatica, cramps, contraction of ligaments, vessels, and muscles of the feet and legs; tone all the organs of the body helping to improve any condition. It removes excess Vata from the body, promoting sturdy limbs and feet, and strength for walking.  Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days.

Reflexology Therapy

allow 1 hr – $105

This unique therapy starts with a relaxing aromatherapy foot soak. Reflex points on the hands and feet are stimulated using thumb pressure and massage. These points are believed to directly affect individual organs and systems of the body. The relaxing foot massage and bath tones and balances all body systems, induces deep relaxation, improves circulation, helps cleanse the body of toxins and revitalizes the immune system.

Hot Stone Organic Aromatherapy Massage

allow 1hr ~ $129 (1½hrs ~ $179)

This profound therapy is widely known for its deeply relaxing and healing effects. Warm oil is first massaged into the areas where the volcanic basalt stones are placed on or under the body. More stones are then used to massage the body, melting away tension. The stones offer maximum heat retention making this a supremely relaxing full body massage of special interest to those seeking relief of deep muscle tension. Includes our Samya Spa organic aromatherapy oil blend to enhance your therapeutic experience.

PADAGHATA "pa-da-gha-ta" 

(massage using foot pressure)

allow 1hr ~ $129 (1½hrs ~ $179)


Padaghata means giving pressure with the feet. Originating in Kerala in Southern India and also known as Uzhichil; Padaghata is part of the tradition of Kathakali, the classical dance of the region and Kalaripayattu, the Keralite martial art. Both incorporate Marma Chikitsa and Ayurvedic principles. In Kerala the students of Kalari and Kathakali undergo daily sessions of Uzhichil to gain flexibility of movements. Padaghata is a rare and special therapy involving long sweeping movements, friction, stretches, kneading and localised pressure. Warm organic herbal aroma-therapeutic Samya Dosha Oil is applied over the whole body to release tension and ease movement of the joints. With the use of the feet, more pressure can be given on the body of the client, this is ideal for athletes and those in need of a deep massage. The massage is performed mainly with the instep of the foot, but the heel and toes are also used. The hands are also incorporated for certain techniques. The masseur uses a rope descending from the ceiling or a stool for balance. This is a delicate balancing act and requires co-ordination and dexterity to perform it well. The effects of Padaghata are amplified when followed by a Swedhana. Please do not eat for 1-2 hours prior to this therapy. A rest period of one hour prior to exercise is suggested afterwards.

Benefits: Padaghata reaches far into the physical body as well as the energy body, and makes the body agile and supple whilst balancing the flow of Prana (life energy). It has been traditionally used to help: remove deep seated pain in joints, muscles and bones; remove toxins and excess fat from deeper tissues; cases of rheumatism, paralytic stroke, breathing problems, arthritis, paralysis, spondylitis, slipped disc, hemiplegia, weakness of nerves, cramps, body pain, headaches, depression and sexual dysfunction; to improve muscle tone, flexibility, gain speed and strength, composure and peace of mind; stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph and rejuvenate the whole body. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days.


(stretching and pressure massage)

with oil ~ allow 1hr ~ 119 (1½hrs ~ $169)

Clothed (without oil) ~ $10 less

 The healing art of Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient and sacred system of healing with roots in Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine and Buddhist spiritual practice. The founder of Thai Yoga Massage, an Indian Ayurvedic doctor was a physician to the Buddha. It is a unique and powerful system which combines rhythmic massage, muscle compression, gentle rocking, acupressure, Marma therapy, assisted asanas (Yogic stretching exercises), gentle twisting, breath work, energy work and meditation. The Clinician guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures while palming and thumbing along the body's energy (Nadis or Sen) lines and pressure points.

The heart of the Ayurvedic routine is the theory of the Sen and Nadis, or the "energy lines." Although at first glance there seems to be some similarity between the Ayurvedic/Thai and the Chinese systems, these meridians are quite different. The Thai and Ayurvedic meridians mostly begin at the navel and end at the extremities of the body. Rather than correspond to a single organ, the Sen and Nadis may be used to treat any and all organ systems through which they pass along their course. The Sen, like the Ayurvedic Nadis, do not correlate, for example, with any individual organ systems the way that the Chinese meridians do. The acupressure points used in Thai massage also are often parallel to the Marma points. Clinicians move your body deeply into a wide range of yoga postures using their own positioning, alignment and bodyweight for support. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor. Commonly no oils are used however we offer the option of either clothed or warm organic herbal aroma-therapeutic Samya Dosha Oil massage for added benefits. We ask that you wear comfortable cotton or natural fibre clothes. A T-shirt and loose long pants are fine. Please do not eat for 1-2 hours prior to this therapy. A rest period of one hour prior to exercise is suggested after this therapy.


Benefits: Under normal healthy circumstances, the body's energy flows uninhibited throughout the 72,000 Nadis/Sen lines and is distributed according to the body's needs and activities. Problems arise in the body when these lines are either blocked or broken, causing an energy imbalance. Blockages and breaks are caused by a variety of reasons including sprains, muscle strains, diseases, injuries and stress. All parts of the body which are serviced by the Nadis/Sen lines can become affected by these energy imbalances and cease to function optimally. Clients are able to relieve body stiffness, gain flexibility and help improve overall balance in major muscle and organ groups. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body therapy that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically enhancing your body's natural healing ability. Massage aids in the detoxification process of the body, flexibility and range of motion are both increased. Optimal benefits are experienced after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days.

Reiki (Japanese - Universal Life Energy)

allow 1 hr – $99

Using ancient healing-hands techniques developed in Japan, the bodily energies are stimulated to encourage natural healing processes. The therapist’s hands emanate a calming, nurturing feeling throughout your mind and body promoting deep emotional release and healing. This therapy helps to induce a balanced and centered state of being while the therapist places the hands on or over various energy centres on your warmly covered body.

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